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Campus, State and Federal Diversity Policies

Indiana University and IUPUI have made public, written commitments to embracing diversity. The Indiana University Board of Trustees statement of the University's Objectives and Ideals states, in part, that "Indiana University is committed to the principle of equal educational and occupational opportunities for all persons and to positive action toward elimination of discrimination in all phases of University life, as set forth in the Indiana University Affirmative Action Plan." (June 29, 1974, Indiana University Academic Handbook, 1992, p. 2, Appendix F). Likewise the Indiana University Academic Handbook contains policy statements adopted by the Board of Trustees and the University Faculty Council establishing a commitment to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action as well as to prohibitions against sex discrimination and sexual harassment. (See Appendix I of the Handbook for definitions of gender based terms.) In the IUPUI Supplement to the IU Academic Handbook (Appendix G), the IUPUI administration clearly states the expectations for this campus. "As an institution of higher learning, we have a special obligation to not only follow the letter of the laws that protect our individual rights and human dignity but also to champion the spirit of the laws. Periodically, we must reaffirm the fundamental ethics and values that form the groundwork for the university climate we wish to maintain. Among those values is fostering a climate of civility and mutual respect regardless of race, gender, age or status in the institution. Our institutional ethic demands that we foster the best possible environment for doing our work as educators, learners, and supporters of the educational process." (Indiana University Academic Handbook IUPUI Supplement 95-97, p. 57).