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The Importance of Diversity for Students

Student at the Chavez Dinner

A rich diverse and cultural experience can help you can a better grip on history as well as current events. Without diversity a person can lead a sheltered and culturally isolate d life, which in turn can lead to seeing the world in a very limited way.

Benjamin Ogedebe,

Honor College Student and member of the IUPUI Soccer Team

Student at the Chavez Dinner

Diversity is important to the campus community because it can help alleviate the stigmas and stereotypes that become attached to certain cultures and minorities. Exposure to different culture can erase misconceptions. I believe that a campus with an assortment of cultures will allow students to develop the ability to interact with people who hold different views, and values. This leads to growth.

Michelle Ramirez

Colombian - American IUPUI student

Expressions of Diversity for Students

Joining as organizations that you can either identify with or seek to learn more about can be a way to connect with the campus community. There are numerous opportunities to enrich your campus experience

  • African Students Association
  • Alliance for Gender Awareness
  • The American Civil Liberties
  • Union of Indiana
  • Arab Student Association
  • Asian Student Association
  • Black Student Union
  • Burma Students Association
  • Campus Conservatives
  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association
  • College Democrats at IUPUI
  • Dos Culturas
  • Gothic Student Union
  • Indian Student Association
  • International Club
  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • Iranian Student Association
  • Japanese Student Association
  • Latino Student Association
  • Mujeres Unidas/Women Unit
  • Native American Student Alliance
  • Q & As - GLBTQI Issues Association
  • Religious Studies Student Association
  • Russian Speaking Student Association
  • South Asian Student Association
  • Student African American Brotherhood