Scholars are encouraged to attain academic success, engage in leadership and civic activities, and prepare for a meaningful post-baccalaureate experience. The Norman Brown Diversity and Leadership Scholars Program (NBDLSP) offers numerous forms of support to help students achieve their academic, personal and professional goals.

Peer Assistants

First and second year scholars are assigned to peer groups that are facilitated by upper-class scholars; peer assistants.  These peer assistants provide support, encouragement, guidance, information and programming to new Norman Brown Scholars.  One of their primary responsibilities is to facilitate group discussions on academic and personal support issues and skills (ie. time management, study skills, self-development, communication, diversity, service and leadership).  They also aid scholars by role modeling positive academic-success skills.

 Faculty/Staff Mentors

One staple of the NBDLSP that has stood the test of time is the Mentor/Scholar relationship. Upper-class scholars are paired with a mentor from the IUPUI or greater Indianapolis community. Throughout their academic career in the program, the scholar and mentor keep in close contact and work together through the triumphs and hardships that the pursuit of higher education presents.

“I think that this partnership with my mentee has taught me a lot along the way about how each student will have a unique story. I hope that our meetings were able to provide him with support and learning as well. Overall, I believe that this mentor program is great and I appreciate the work that goes into making it happen.” Kalyn Miller, Educational Partnerships and Student Advocacy

Grade Check

Scholars are required to participate in mid-term academic grade checks by submitting a form to be completed by professors. Grade checks are then reviewed by Peer Assistants/Mentors and submitted to the Program Coordinator.

Cultural/Service Program Participation

Scholars participate in cultural, service and professional development programs each semester. Participation form must be completed and submitted to Program Coordinator.

NBDLSP meetings

Scholars must attend regularly scheduled meetings, including orientation and end of the year gathering.