Offices & Centers

The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion serves many different communities within the IUPUI ecosystem. In order to ensure that we are able to successfully meet everyone’s needs and make our community as accessible and inclusive as possible, we are separated into four units.

The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

This division directs, supports, and monitors IUPUI’s diversity efforts. We seek to build a more diverse community through strategic hiring and student recruitment. We offer consulting services to IUPUI departments and academic units, develop diversity plans and benchmarks for the university, and administer diversity-related student programs.

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  • Adaptive Educational Services (AES)

    AES is home base for students with documented disabilities. We ensure that students receive the services and accommodations they need to be able to succeed at IUPUI. We provide testing services, lab partners, interpreters, reading services, and captioning equipment. We also offer a learning center equipped with adaptive technologies for students with disabilities. 

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  • Office of Intercultural Literacy, Capacity and Engagement (ILCE)

    ILCE will provide personalized workshops, discussions and programming designed to provide the knowledge, skills and tools for individuals to work across differences. Programs and workshops, ranging from one-hour to one-week in length provided by skilled and knowledgeable facilitators will be available to IUPUI students, faculty, staff, and various organizations throughout Indiana. 

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  • LGBTQ+ Center

    The LGBTQ+ Center supports a commitment to leadership development, academic inquiry, and local, national, and global engagement with particular respect to sexual, romantic, and gender identities. The LGBTQ+ Center is an inclusive campus community that welcomes people of all identities and provides support, resources, and advocacy to IUPUI students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the surrounding community.

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  • Multicultural Center (MC)

    The Multicultural Center exists to provide a voice for equity by connecting students across identities through self-discovery and dialogue. Our vision is to transform IUPUI by empowering students to advance social change. The MC provides an array of programs and services to enhance the value of diversity at IUPUI and the surrounding community.

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