About Us

Adaptive Educational Services (AES) is the disability services office for IUPUI, IUPUC, and IUFW students. This office determines if a student qualifies for accommodations, approves reasonable accommodations, and serves the campus community to ensure the implementation of those accommodations whenever possible. AES strives to ensure that students have equal opportunities to pursue a university education, while also maintaining a high level of academic integrity. 

AES understands that students with disabilities face unique challenges in college and our services are designed to maximize potential and minimize disability by providing students, instructors, and university staff with expert advice and technical assistance. 

Location and Hours

Joseph T. Taylor Hall (UC), Room 100

815 W. Michigan St. 
Indianapolis, IN 46202 
Tel: (317) 274-3241 
Fax: (317) 278-2051 

Hours of Operation:
Fall and Spring Semesters
Monday- Friday 8:00am – 4:00 pm
Summer Hours
Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00 pm

AES Testing Lab, UL3135H

University Library UL 3135H
755 W. Michigan St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Our Staff

Natalie Albert, Assistant Director, npalbert@iu.edu  

Leslie House, Testing Lab & ASL Interpreter Coordinator, lghouse@iu.edu 

Alicia MacDonald, Customer Service Coordinator, anmacdon@iu.edu  

Kevin McCracken, Director, kjmccrac@iu.edu  

Alex Nixon, Adaptive Service Specialist, nixonal@iu.edu  

Heidi Nordhoff, ASL Interpreter, hnordhof@iupui.edu

Jean Nunnally, ASL Interpreter, jnunnall@iupui.edu

Elena Silverman, Adaptive Service Specialist, ehsilver@iu.edu  

Jonathan Steffen, Testing Lab Coordinator, jonsteff@iu.edu

Marcia Stevenson, Administrative Assistant, marlstev@iu.edu 

Alternate Format

The information on this website can be provided in alternate formats for persons with disabilities. Please call the numbers above or contact AES by e-mail.