Steps to Inclusivity

Committing to inclusivity

IGD stage 4: Building alliances


Create space to build groups supporting the change you want to see.


How you respond and feel impacts those around you and the change that results.


Give time to foster the needed relationships and development.


Engage in and outside the classroom, in your workplace, and in your community to promote societal change and political will.


  • What is my responsibility in effecting change?
  • Do I need a team?
  • How will we work together to effect change?


  • What is my power to work towards change?
  • How will I use it?
  • What are my limits?
  • Whom do I need to support?


  • What skills am I missing?
  • Have I sharpened my skills but not engaged in the change?


  • Where am I in my conversations and willingness to influence what’s happening in my society?
  • What can I do to continue to improve?

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