Ally Training

LGBTQ+ Allies Under Construction Tool Box

The Allies Under Construction Tool Box is a foundational set of trainings that begin with Safe Zone 101 and Trans 101 as first steps in becoming and ally and/or safer space for LGBTQ+ individuals. As with any topic, we must recognize that continuing education is important. The Ally Tool Box will continue to have add-on trainings to help budding allies remain safer spaces as they continue working in solidarity with the community.

Safe Zone 101
Trans 101
Safe Zone 201
Trans 201

Additional Trainings Include:
Asexuality 101
Bi/Pan/Fluid and Beyond
Understanding Intersex
Bathroom Battleground
and more…

Educational Workshops

In-Class Presentations

We offer customized in-class presentation on topics that include, but are not limited to, transgender issues, the history of the LGBTQ movement, the importance of language and linguistics, the coming-out process, gender communication, LGBTQ rhetoric, asexuality, gender neutrality, intersex identities, and  international LGBTQ+ identities.

Schedule a Training

*NEW* Campus-Wide Monthly Safe Zone and Trans 101 Trainings for Summer and Fall 2017. Sign-up here.

To schedule any of the above trainings for groups of 15 people or more, please submit this form

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Ally List

View a list of all currently trained allies here!