Taylor Dooley serves as the Program Coordinator in the LGBTQ+ Center where she coordinates the Center's weekly, monthly, and annual programs and events in collaboration with campus and community partners. Taylor also runs the Center's social media presence, creates marketing and promotional materials, maintains the Center's physical space and library, completes administrative and logistical tasks, and facilitates two-hour Safe Zone Ally Trainings across campus. Taylor also advises and makes referrals to anyone who may come to the Center in crisis or in need of specific resources. 

Taylor is committed to student, faculty and staff retention through building community and creating a more accepting campus climate through increased LGBTQ+ visibility and educational resources for allies. Taylor also believes in the importance of learning our own history - and infuses LGBTQ+ history into all the programming she designs.

When not in the LGBTQ+ Center - Taylor enjoys reading historical lesbian memoirs and cuddling with her cat, Tracy Catman."