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Exploring Inclusive Teaching within STEM Disciplines: Conversations among Faculty, Future Faculty, and Students

Do different STEM disciplines approach inclusive teaching and student diversity in the same way? What are some of the structural, demographic, curricular, and pedagogical challenges specific to and across each discipline in higher education? To respond to these questions, the IUPUI Multicultural Center, Graduate Office, and Center for Teaching and Learning recently partnered to produce a series of webcasts featuring conversations among faculty, future faculty, and students. Sessions focused on how instructors and learners respond to the presence (or absence) of diversity and inclusivity in the classroom. Participants, panelists, and session facilitators brainstormed and exchanged strategies for STEM instructors and learners to cultivate more inclusive, equitable, supportive, and respectful learning environments. We explored how key concepts, such as social identity, positionality, implicit bias, stereotype threat, microaggressions, and representation, shape inclusive teaching.

Several IUPUI faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students served as panelists in these webcasts. This series was created as a cross-network program contribution for the CIRTL Network. The CIRTL Network is a coalition of 41 institutions, including IUPUI, across USA and Canada that work towards the goal of improving undergraduate STEM education through future faculty development.

Inclusive Teaching in Science

Inclusive Teaching in
Engineering &

Inclusive Teaching in
Mathematics and

Reflections from IUPUI’s
Culturally Responsive
Teaching Learning


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