Jagversity Workshops


The MC’s JAGversity Peer Educators (JPEs) are undergraduate students committed to promoting multiculturalism and understanding of self and others while increasing awareness and knowledge of diversity-related issues through intentional and meaningful dialogue. Our JPE’s have been receiving top notch training from the MC Staff to conduct an array of presentations that are useful for IUPUI students. At this time we offer three series which offer two beginning level presentations and our 2.0 level series that offers a little bit deeper understanding of multiculturalism and diversity.

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  • JAGversity 1.0 Series

    An Introduction to Multiculturalism at IUPUI- This fun and interactive presentation is an introduction to diversity at IUPUI. We address how diversity is represented on campus, how IUPUI defines diversity, and the role that the Multicultural Center has on campus. NOTE: This presentation is a pre-requisite for all JAGversity 2.0 presentations.

  • JAGversity Teams Series
    • Team Building Workshop- This high energy workshop helps new groups to become familiar with each other and initiates conversations on how to work well with their group. It also helps to identify group roles and dynamics.
    • Defining Your Leadership Style (True Colors)- This workshop helps emerging leaders identify their leadership style using True Colors. True Colors is loosely based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI), and is a fun and engaging tool to begin the conversation with students about their strengths and how to engage leadership and advocacy opportunities.
  • JAGversity 2.0 Series
    •  Intersections of Identity 1.0- This transformational and interactive presentation initiates the discussion of having different aspects of identities and their level of contextual salience as part of the human experience. We will look at the different aspects of who we are as individuals and how we interact with our environment.
    • Intersections of Identity 2.0- This transformational and interactive presentation continues the discussion of having different aspects of identities and their level of contextual salience as part of the human experience. However, this presentation digs deeper to the importance of vulnerability and establishment of trust in order to be an effective leader. This presentation requires at least two hours and a maximum of 10- 15 participants per session.
    • Understanding Privilege- This interactive workshop initiates the discussion on array of privilege levels. The group activity helps participants acknowledge and understand privilege in different forms and contexts.