Social Justice Education

Social Justice Education (SJEd) at IUPUI finds ways to help the community explore issues of power, privilege and oppression in an effort to create a more equitable campus, city, and world. We collaborate across IUPUI to bring programs, facilitations, and trainings to students, staff and faculty; some of these stand on their own and others are integrated into already established courses, retreats and trainings, and professional development series.

In addition, SJEd is the home for coordinating the cultural heritage dinners that have become so popular across IUPUI.

We are continually expanding and improving our services. For questions regarding our programs, or if you have an idea for programming that you would like to see take place on campus which aims to raise awareness on social justice and equity, please email us at

Interested in becoming involved with Social Justice Education? Our Social Justice Scholars program will be accepting applications beginning in February.

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