Trainings and Workshops

SJEd offers workshops for the IUPUI campus and community. There are a few standard workshops that we offer; however, if there is something specific that you need to address please feel free to provide details and we will try to accommodate you and your groups need. Some topics include:
  • What is Social Justice?

     This presentation introduces students to the concepts of power, privilege and oppression as well as terms related to social justice. Students will participate in an interactive activity that allows them to see their role in the social justice process and how they can engage in social justice activities on campus. 

    Principles of Co-Curricular Learning: Understanding Society and Culture (PCL 5), Values and Ethics (PCL 6)

  • Microaggressions

    Description to be Updated.

  • Understanding Differences and Diversity (Crossing the Line Activity)

    IUPUI is a very diverse campus that offers the opportunity for students to learn from others that come from different backgrounds. In the crossing the line activity students are invited to identify with several categories and experiences, hopefully resulting in empowerment and dissolution of stereotypes among classmates. This activity serves to create a safe space in which students can express their feelings and thoughts. 

    Principles of Co-Curricular Learning: Understanding Society and Culture (PCL 5)

  • White Privilege

    Description to be Updated.

We are continually expanding and improving our services. Please check back soon for more training opportunities. To inquire about specialized or tailored training options for your office or organization, please fill out our presentation request form. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at