Amanda Bonilla currently serves as the Assistant Director for Social Justice Education where she oversees the MC’s social justice programming and initiatives. Amanda’s career in student affairs began several years ago through her involvement and activism as a student leader at IUPUI during her undergraduate years as one of the student leaders involved in the creation of the Multicultural Center. As a first generation- women of color, Amanda’s personal story of navigating a Predominantly White Campus cultivated her passion for cross cultural dialogue and  student advocacy  in an effort  to create more understanding and inclusive college environments for all.  Amanda’s work in the MC focuses on co-curricular learning by helping students understand and navigate their identities and privileges so that they may be empowered to create positive social change in society up graduation.

Along with her work in the MC, Amanda serves as an advisor, facilitator, and trainer on and off campus regarding issues of social justice and also serves as adjunct faculty in the PETM department at IUPUI. Before coming to the MC, Amanda worked in the Division of Student Affairs for several years and at Clemson University where she served as the Associate Director for Multicultural Program and Services. Amanda holds a  B.A in Sociology and Criminal Justice and a Masters of Science from the Indiana University School of Education Higher Education Student Affairs program.