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A Call to Action

The Chancellor’s Diversity Cabinet received its charge from then Chancellor Dr. Charles Bantz, December 4, 2003, to identify how we can double our achievements in diversity. Achievements in diversity have focused on the 13 diversity goals designed to achieve our Campus Vision For Diversity.

Since 2004 our focus toward doubling diversity has been to strengthen the campus wide commitment and leadership through the distribution of best practices via annual campus conferences on diversity and the establishment of a "Good Works" resource of all the good diversity work occurring at IUPUI.

Additionally we have continued to focus and improve our approach to assessment, planning and performance measurement which garnered a 2006 City of Indianapolis Mayors Award.

An Integrated Doubling Approach

In January 2004 a Doubling Diversity Committee of the Diversity Cabinet was formed which included members of the Diversity Cabinet and each of the chairs of the other three Doubling Taskforces. The Doubling Diversity Committee met through out Spring 2004 and engaged members of the other taskforces to ensure that as each taskforce responded to its charge they would advance the campus vision of diversity. As a result, each Doubling Taskforce (Teaching & Learning, Civic Engagement, Research) included objectives and strategies designed to advance the campus vision for diversity.

Since 1999, the following activities have occurred to advance university diversity goals:

  • 1999: Campus Climate Study Conducted
  • 2000: Established Chancellors Diversity Cabinet
  • 2000: Began Annual Reporting of the State of Diversity at IUPUI
  • 2002: Established Vision For Diversity
  • 2003: Established Diversity Performance Indicators & Specific Action Items
  • 2003: Established Taylor Awards
  • 2003: Launched Diversity website
  • 2005: Held First University Conference on Diversity
  • 2005: Promoted Best Practices & Directory of Diversity Practitioners
  • 2005: Held IUPUI Campus Conference on Diversity
  • 2006: Held Campus Meeting To Discuss Development of A Campus Planning Framework for Diversity
  • 2006: Completed "Achieving Diversity Report" (Institutional Snap Shot)
  • 2007: IUPUI Black Student Union initiative
  • 2008: The IUPUI Office of Diversity, Equity, & Diversity is established with a new Assistant Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • 2009: Renovations started for new IUPUI Multicultural Center
  • 2010: Multicultural Success Center grand opening in renovated Taylor Hall space"
  • 2011: IUPUI inaugurates three diversity awards — two for faculty and 1 for staff
  • 2013: New leadership with Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Progress towards the campus vision and goals for diversity is indicated in the annual "IUPUI Diversity Report".

2016 IUPUI Diversity Cabinet

Marsha Baker
Director of Diversity and Enrichment, Center for Academic Affairs, IU School of Nursing

Gail Barksdale
Deputy Director of Athletics & Senior Woman Administrator

Kelley School of Business

Amanda Bonilla
Assistant Director for Social Justice Education, Office of Student Involvement, Latino Faculty and Staff Council

Camy Broeker
Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

Darrell Brown
Director of Diversity, Office of Student Diversity, Kelley School of Business 

Carolina Castoreno
Native American Student Alliance

Charmayne Champion-Shaw
Director, Office of American Indian Programs Native American Faculty and Staff Council

Karen Dace
Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Thomas J Davis
Dean, School of Liberal Arts

Justin Eitniear
Asian Student Union

Daniel Griffith
Director, Office for Intergroup Dialogue and Civil Community

Kathleen Grove
Director, Office for Women

David Heard
Director, Career Development,Black Faculty and Staff Council

Joe Hayes
Representative, Veterans Faculty and Staff Council

Abigail Hays 
Representative, LGBTQ Student Alliance

Wayne Hilson, Jr.
Director of Multicultural Academic Relations

Kathy Johnson
Interim Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer

Kim Kirkland
Director, Office of Equal Opportunity

Pamela A. King
Director, Adaptive Educational Services

Gil Latz
Associate Vice Chancellor, Office of International Affairs

Mosopefoluwa Ladapo
African Student Association

Anthony Masseria
LGBT Faculty Staff Council representative

Anne Mitchell
Director of Survey Research

Sandra Miles
Director of Student Affairs, Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus

Khaula Murtadha
Associate Vice Chancellor of Family, School and Neighborhood Partnerships, Office of Community Engagement

Kim Nguyen
Asian Pacific American Faculty and Staff Council

Erika Ocampo
Filipino Student Association

Nicole Oglesby
Black Faculty and Staff Council

Johnny Pryor
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law

Nasser Paydar
IU Executive Vice President & IUPUI Chancellor

Rebecca E Porter
Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management, Division of Enrollment Management

RaeVen Ridgell
Black Student Union

Pamella Shaw
Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, IU School of Dentistry 

Khalilah Shabazz
Director, Multicultural Center 

Irene Queiro-Tajalli
Professor, Chair, Department of Labor Studies, IU School of Social Work

Juletta Toliver
Interim Director of Human Resources 

Fabio Yataco
Latino Student Association