Sankofa: A Cultural Journey through Ghana

The Impact of Immersive Learning Abroad

Studying abroad isn’t just traveling and seeing the world first-hand, research suggests that students who participate in an immersive learning experience during their undergraduate degree are more likely to complete their degree and often complete it faster than those who don’t.

The program really forced you to sit, think, and look deep within yourself.

Past participant

The impact is even more pronounced among students from historically underrepresented backgrounds and has been shown to positively affect student motivation in learning and achievement. And first-time travelers see significant gains in confidence, decision-making independence, and academic and career focus.

Sankofa: A Cultural Journey through Ghana

The Ghana study abroad experience combines an 8-week course and a 2-week trip to Accra, Ghana. During the course, students get an interdisciplinary introduction to African continuities as well as an in deph look at Ghanaian culture, history, and political structure to develop a strong understanding of contemporary African societies.

I loved learning about the other part of my lineage and being able to share that with the group. We all found a personal connection to the trip.

Past participant

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