School and Unit Diversity Planning

As the first iteration of the IUPUI Diversity Plan (2016-2021) prepares to begin its final year of implementation, this is an opportune time for schools and units across IUPUI to engage in and be responsible for a diversity strategic planning process that meets the goals, needs, interests, and aspirations of their school/unit constituents. In summer 2020, 80 school/unit leaders and faculty/staff members across IUPUI attended diversity planning information sessions to learn the why, what, how, who, and when of diversity planning.

The IUPUI Diversity Plan was developed by drawing from Dr. Daryl G. Smith's (2015) Diversity Framework. Diversity plans developed utilizing a common overarching framework on a local level allow for greater richness and progress in areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion across IUPUI. As such, school/unit plans are being asked to draw from this common framework as well to guide plan development. From 2020-2021 schools/units across IUPUI will implement an engaged diversity strategic plan development process that can generate a collective commitment for plan implementation among school/unit colleagues. Schools/units will then implement their plans from 2021-2023 while monitoring progress along the way. Three-year cycles for school/unit-level diversity planning and implementation allow enough time for the meaningful development and implementation of strategies while also not losing sight of the initial objectives and goals developed.

Below you will find diversity planning resources and in the future, you will find links to school/unit diversity plans here.