Workshop Topics


The IUPUI Multicultural Center’s Multicultural Peer Educators (MPEs) are undergraduate students committed to promoting multiculturalism and understanding of self and others while increasing awareness and knowledge of diversity-related issues through intentional and meaningful dialogue. Our MPE’s receive top notch training from the MC Staff to conduct an array of workshops for IUPUI students.

At this time we offer the following one-hour workshops for your students:

  • Engaging Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at IUPUI
    • This workshop is an introduction to diversity at IUPUI. We address how diversity is represented on campus, how IUPUI defines diversity, and the role that the Multicultural Center has on campus.
    • Deepen knowledge and awareness about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and understand the value of multiple perspectives.
    • Explore how our multiple cultural and social identities, values, and beliefs influence our sense of self and how we relate to one another.
    • Highly recommended as a building block for our other workshops.
  • Bias and Stereotypes
    • This workshop engages participants to understand what some of our biases and stereotypes are, where they come from, and their significance.
    • Explore our personal level of understanding, awareness, and behaviors toward different groups.
    • Develop competencies to examine and challenge bias and stereotypes.
  • Power and Privilege
    • This workshop introduces participants to the concepts of power and privilege and how they affect us all.
    • Develop an understanding of how power and privilege exist and function, how they overlap with each other, and how they impact our view of the world.
  • Interactive Communication
    • This workshop introduces participants to effective communication strategies for engaging about and across differences.
    • Develop skills of deep listening, suspending judgements, identifying assumptions, reflecting, and inquiring, in a diverse society.
  • Microaggressions
    • This workshop introduces participants to the concept of microaggressions.
    • Explore the experiences and outcomes associated with microaggressions, and develop techniques to respond to microaggressions when they occur to you or someone else.

To schedule a MPE workshop for the 2017-18 year:

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