Social Justice Scholars

The Social Justice Scholars is a program that focuses on student-led programming for the entire IUPUI campus and designed to provide passionate students with an opportunity to develop programs based on their interests. Students are selected by their commitment to social justice and interest in providing a welcoming place for all students at IUPUI. 


The mission of the Social Justice Scholars programming on campus is to provide peer to peer educational programs for the IUPUI campus community that raise awareness and promote inclusivity and understanding of one’s self and others. In this we hope to create a positive, supportive and welcoming community for all.  

The mission for the Social Justice Scholars is to provide students with the awareness, knowledge and skills to develop their leadership identity through a social justice framework in order to empower students to create inclusive solutions to address social inequities.


  • Examine one’s identities and biases in relation to privilege and oppression in society. 
  • Engage different perspectives and identities while challenging the dominant narrative to navigate difficult conversations.  
  • Manage and utilize emotions that arise from issues of injustice on a personal and global scale to foster advocacy and positive social change.
  • Develop relationships with justice oriented community organizations and people
  • Apply key Social Justice concepts to activist projects, academic coursework and one’s life 

New for the 2018-2019 Academic Year, the Social Justice Scholars program will be operating as a 2 Year Program Model. Scholars will participate in weekly meetings that develop their understanding of social justice, their facilitation style, research abilities and how to use social justice in their chosen field. For more information contact

The Social Justice Scholars (SJS) program is broken down into six major programming areas, each of which are described below. Each program is operated by two or three students who plan implement and evaluate programs each month. The 17 Scholars and their programs provide different levels of engagement through a variety of platforms.

Social Justice Scholars seeks new members on an annual basis. New scholar applications open in January with review, interviews and offersoccurring through February and March.

To submit a collaboration request form with the Social Justice Scholars, Click Here.

Upcoming Events- November 2018!

1st - Pass the Mic - 12:00 PM - CE Atrium

2nd - Hash It Out - Podcast Release

14th - Shop Talk - 6:00 PM - North Hall

15th - SpeakOUT - 6:00 PM - CE Atrium

16th - Hash It Out - Podcast Release

26th - Pass the Mic - 3:15 PM - CE Atrium

28th - Shop Talk - 5:30 PM - TBD

29th - Pass the Mic - 12:00 PM - CE Atrium

29th - SpeakOUT - 6:00 PM - CE Atrium

30th - Hash It Out - Podcast Release