Native American Faculty and Staff Council

Our Purpose

The IUPUI Native American Faculty and Staff Council (NAFSC) serves to enhance educational, professional and cultural opportunities for faculty and staff members of the IUPUI who identify as Native American Indian. The NAFSC was created in 2005 by a dedicated few who wanted to increase the number of Native faculty and staff members on the IUPUI campus. These efforts included building a stronger sense of community for all Native and anyone in the campus and community who wanted to learn more about Native initiatives.

Our Mission

The NAFSC has a strong and positive connection to the IUPUI Native American Student Alliance and is part of the overarching IUPUI American Indian Programs (AIP). It is the mission of the IUPUI Native American Faculty and Staff Council to not only enhance educational, professional and cultural opportunities for members of the IUPUI Native American community but to collaborate, provide support and engage proactively to ensure social justice and equitability for all.

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With so few Native Americans employed at this university and enrolled in graduate programs here in Indianapolis, it becomes IMPERATIVE that we create a warm and welcoming community! As part of the NAFSC collective we understand the cultural responsibility of those who are presently on campus to help support and provide guidance for those we are inviting to visit in the hopes we might attract them to our campus and most especially to those who are just entering or joining our community!

Whether it is a monthly chat session, a quarterly coffee, or being a sympathetic ear in times of stress or distress we are actively engaged in the promotion of creating mentorship relationships. To learn more please contact the Council Organizer!


While our organization most certainly serves Native American employees at any rank or level and also for any Native graduate student enrolled at any IUPUI school, our Native American Faculty and Staff Council is open to any IUPUI faculty, staff or graduate student. We must ALL work together to create additional Native American hires across the campus, provide support and resources for Indigenous faculty, staff and graduate students as well as provide a place where everyone can feel safe and a sense of community

Please understand that EVERYONE within these designations is invited to participate! There are NO membership requirements, no ID necessary, no birth documents examined and instead we would like to create a space for everyone from those invested and connected with their tribes and families to those who still may be searching to explore their heritage and identity. The only requirement is that you do your best to attend our quarterly meetings and to support through your time and energy our semester events and programs. We actively seek out those willing to donate their time to serve as representatives on our council and most especially as we work collaboratively with the Office of Student Involvement on Native American Heritage Month! Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information!

Contact Us

Charmayne 'Charli' Champion-Shaw [Cheyenne]
Director, American Indian Programs
Director, Native American & Indigenous Studies
Council Organizer, Native American Faculty Staff Council

Indiana University School of Liberal Arts
425 University Boulevard
Cavanaugh Hall 325
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers
~Notary Public for the State of Indiana~

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