About Us

Vision & Mission

The vision of the Multicultural Center is to be a catalyst dedicated to engaging all cultural communities at IUPUI around the value of diversity. We aim to create a pluralistic and inclusive educational environment where understanding, dialogue, and the free exchange of ideas are celebrated. These e­fforts will contribute to the development of critically conscious global citizens at IUPUI and beyond.

The mission of the Multicultural Center is to support students, faculty, and the community by promoting the value of diversity, broadening multicultural awareness and sensitivity, advancing cultural competence, and encouraging cross-cultural collaborative relationships through education, advocacy, and research.

  • Our History
    Born out of a call to action in 2006 by students, the Multicultural Center is dedicated to promoting student development and support through diversity education and multicultural awareness. Learn more>>>
  • Focus Areas

    Education – The MC supports the institution's commitment to diversity by o­ffering a variety of cultural education and awareness opportunities for students, faculty, staff­ , and the broader IUPUI community.

    Advocacy – The MC engages the various multicultural identities represented at IUPUI through intentional support and direction to resources.

    Research – The center serves as a resource to the IUPUI community by procuring and maintaining relevant research, best practices, and information on multicultural populations.

  • Key Programs & Services

    The Multicultural Center provides an array of programs and services to enhance the value of diversity at IUPUI and the surrounding community.

    Programs, Events, Cultural Heritage Months

    • Cultural programs that are intersectional in their approach.

    • Opportunities for faculty and staff to interact outside of the classroom/office.

    • Facilitated dialogues about current events and issues.

     Norman Brown Diversity & Leadership Scholars Program.

    • Weekly newsletter featuring campus and community news and events.

    Peer Education Workshops

    • Peer developed and facilitated diversity-related workshops led by trained undergraduate students.

    • Topics include: introduction to multiculturalism at IUPUI, team building, defining your leadership style, intersections of identity, understanding privilege and more.

    Diversity Education

    • Multicultural Leadership Empowerment Program – Program open to the IUPUI community. Includes workshops, programming, and a multicultural leadership portfolio.

    • Customized diversity modules/workshops for IUPUI faculty/ staff, community organizations, businesses, etc.

    Financial Support/Resources

    • Norman Brown Diversity & Leadership Scholars Program is designed to engage and retain high ability diverse students committed to social justice.

    • Inclusive Excellence emergency fund provides limited assistance to undergraduate students.

    • MC Textbook loan program allows eligible students to borrow textbooks required for class.

    • Charles E. Schell interest free loan provides assistance to students nearing graduation.

    Check our calendars for current programming and other events.

  • Center Features

    The IUPUI Multicultural Center features a cultural lounge, student organization suite, administrative suite, two conference rooms, nursing mother’s room, interfaith prayer room, meeting/ seminar/ classroom space, two all gender bathrooms and plenty of study space. The MC is a SAFE SPACE for all students, faculty, sta­ff and the community and we invite you to stop in at any time.

Our Values:
Community, Mutual Respect,
Collaboration, Inclusion,
Civic Responsibility, Empowerment