About Us

About the Multicultural Center

The IUPUI Multicultural Center seeks to support the entire student population promoting the value of diversity, broadening multicultural awareness and sensitivity, advancing cultural competence, and encouraging cross-cultural collaborative relationships through retention, engagement and education.


The Multicultural Center is home to several student organizations. They are located in Suite 112 in Taylor Hall.


Mission and Vision

Our History

Focus Areas

Key Programs & Services

Center Features

Our History

Born out of a call to action in 2006 by students, the Multicultural Center is dedicated to promoting student development and support through diversity education and multicultural awareness. Learn more


Focus Areas


The MC posits that intentional efforts to increase retention is critical to the work that we do and therefore we offer a variety of student support initiatives to demonstrate our commitment to student success


The MC is committed to building a robust diversity and social justice engagement portfolio with a variety of reach strategies such as films, activities, workshops, performance and more.


The MC aims to provide relevant and current educational opportunities for the IUPUI community to explore social identity, culture, worldviews, social justice, bias, stereotypes, privilege and social change.

Center Features

The IUPUI Multicultural Center features a cultural lounge, student organization suite, administrative suite, two conference rooms, nursing mother’s room, interfaith prayer room, meeting/ seminar/ classroom space, two all gender bathrooms and plenty of study space. The MC is a SAFE SPACE for all students, faculty, sta­ff and the community and we invite you to stop in at any time.

Our Values:
Community, Mutual Respect,
Collaboration, Inclusion,
Civic Responsibility, Empowerment