Freedom Rides

Ride with us for an unforgettable experience with Freedom Rides. This affordable spring break trip from Saturday, March 10 to Tuesday, March 13 takes you to Gary, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois. You will have the opportunity to meet with community leaders, learn lessons of leadership from area organizations and initiatives, and gain skills to make the maximum impact on your community.

Our programming is offered by the partnership between Campus Center & Student Experiences, the Multicultural Center, and the Social Justice Scholars. 

After Freedom Rides, students will:

  • Be able to define and have nuanced conversations around “race,” “racism,” and “intersectionality”
  • Have a broader understanding of their multiple identities and how those produce privilege/oppression in their lives and leadership processes
  • Develop core communication skills as they engage in dialogue and practice controversy with civility around identity/privilege/oppression with their peers
  • Identify their personal leadership skills and traits to better understand their role in working for positive social change
  • Be able to identify historic movements for racial justice/social change in the Midwest
  • Learn about “coalition building” and the importance of cultivating alliances across difference

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